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Reinventing work for the digital age
— It’s about time

Our vision is to reinvent work for the digital age
And create more time for everything that matters

Take a moment to look around your workplace. What’s happening?
Is everyone super busy? Rushing around? Taking endless work home?
But are they being their best? Do they love what they’re doing?
Is it purposeful and meaningful? Does it count? Does it matter?

No? Maybe? Then ask yourself: What are they really doing all day?
How often do they say ‘Sorry, too busy, don’t have time’
Especially when you need them to do something new and different?
The real question is actually why don’t they have time? Where’s it all going?

Pointless busywork? Meeting hell? Enterprise apps that suck? It’s usually most of these

Transformation is no longer just about productivity
Making people do more and more with less and less is old-school, industrial-age thinking
Besides, it’s really hard to get people excited by that
Instead, the primary goal must be to create more time

More time for what people do best
To imagine, invent, think, solve, innovate, design, teach, mentor and care
More time for customers, each other and for themselves
It starts with flipping the switch from time as a constraint to time as a resource

This means we have to do very different things than if we only target productivity
First, we free up your people’s time by getting rid of everything that doesn’t matter
Making time for everything that does
Then, we design new digital workspaces and enterprise applications that simply work
For your people, for your customers and for your business; now and into the future
Your people now have the time and capabilities to do the things that matter most

Can you imagine what that would be like?
What more could you and your people achieve?
There’s nothing you couldn’t do…


Real digital transformation

Successful digital transformation is more than just automating your manual processes with the latest bit of technology. Or replacing that old app with a new one that’s just the same old, same old

Digital transformation is an opportunity to rethink everything about how you run your business and how your people can be more agile, flexible, responsive, creative, and more relevant

If you’re going to invest in new IT, it needs to truly transform your business and give you a 2x, 10x, or better, return on investment. Otherwise, why would you do it?

Digital transformation is not just about the technology. It all starts by creating more time, not more productivity

CoreX: Visual requirements modelling and UI/UX design

There’s a serious problem with enterprise software projects

Their success rate is just 29%. Another 49% of projects are late, over budget and never quite work right. The remaining 22% are scrapped

Why? Software engineering is the only one of the five major engineering disciplines that does not have a universal method and blueprint

Would you ever commission a new building, or chemical plant, or engine, or electronic device without a visual blueprint? Never

In a nutshell, CoreX is to software engineering what architecture is to civil engineering

It’s a common language that creates a simple, shared understanding between business and technology

And it’s fast. In the first sprint or two, there’s a conceptual vision, just like an artist’s sketch for a new building that gets everyone on the same page

Once it’s validated, you can go to market and test both buy and build options – it’s your choice

You can count on it

It’s more than making promises and only delivering workshops, reports and time sheets

Our deliverable to you is a transformed business realising the performance changes we agreed to at the beginning

We give your team more time for everything that matters and make it stick

We work with you to figure out what needs to be different and what we both need to do to get there

And we tie our fees to achieving it

A new experience

There’s no running meter, no endless change requests and no overwhelming flood of consultants

Instead, you get fast results from a small, high impact team rolling up our sleeves and getting on with it

Is it time to do something extraordinary in your workplace?

Is it time do something extraordinary for your people?

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Is it time to do something extraordinary in your workplace?

Is it time to do something extraordinary for your people?